VPI 610

Product Description

VPI 610 is a highly flexible, solvent free, one component aqua-reactive polyurethane injection resin for water cut-off in wet dynamic cracks and joints. Reaction with water yields a very flexible, but tough foam. Once cured the active Margel™ component quickly vaporises and permeates the concrete structure. Its alkalinity ensures early passivation of corrosion as it is adsorbed to the reinforcing steel surface, blocking the path of Chlorides, Water and Oxygen, the fuel of reinforcement corrosion.

VPI610 is an Aqua-reactive PU which can be easily injected into cracks and open fissures in concrete and masonry structures where water leaks need to be controlled. It‘s form provides flexibility for use in construction and pipe joints, tunnel segment joints, where structural movement is anticipated, etc. VPI610 has exhibited excellent penetration into cracks, fissures, voids, and porous substrates, as well as good adhesion to various substrates.