Our Products

Based on the objectives of our organisation, our focus will be to continually seek for products that complement each other as a solution. We will continue to grow our product range with an aim to address corrosion issues.

Fire Protection Products - by 3M™ Company

Venture Tape

During the first crucial minutes of a fire, it's imperative that critical equipment and controls remain protected and operational. 3M™ has a complete line of Fire Protection.Products to help prevent fire, smoke, toxic fumes and moisture from passing through penetrations in fire-rated walls and floors.

VentureClad™ - by Venture Tape Corp, a 3M™ Company

Venture Tape

VentureClad™ is a revolutionary jacketing material that provides 100% weatherproofing and zero permeability. It is currently the most promising alternative to traditional cladding materials, specifically aluminium and stainless steel cladding. VentureClad™ has been used actively in the last ten years in the US and European markets.

Thermo12® Cal-Sil - by Industrial Insulation Group, LLC

Industrial Insulation Group

Industrial Insulation Group (IIG)'s Calcium Silicate is manufactured for elevated temperature applications, with particular strengths relating to a breadth of design requirements. When exceptional strength and durability are required along with low thermal conductivity, IIG's Thermo-12® calcium silicate products are the clear answer. Integral to the Thermo-12® Gold is XOX, a distinctive formula and process that inhibits corrosion to outside surfaces of pipe and equipment. IIG was formed in 2002 as The Calsilite Group and Johns Manville Corp. merged the manufacturing capabilities for several high profile and widely used product lines serving North American and global industrial insulation markets.

H2Obvious™ - by Taylor McLaren Limited


is an innovative solution to leak detection and corrosion under insulation. The device monitors and indicates the presence of fluid on pipe surfaces under thermal insulation or within the insulation medium. The early warning device includes a removable vial that collects the fluid that may be tested for corrosive, hydrocarbon or other contents.

Margel™ - by QED Chemicals, UK

QED Chemicals

Margel™ is a Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VPI) that is released as vapour that saturates a given airspace. The vapour forms a mono-molecular coating on exposed and embedded steel to provide a total protection from corrosion for more than 10 years. In comparison to other anti-corrosion treatments, the steel surfaces to be protected requires no preparation. This product has been used successfully in the UK for more than 20 years.