Our Team

While working with 3M on a research project on insulation materials under the Constant Consultants group (www.constantconsultants.com) CIMES' President, Hany Constantin was invited by Venture Tape Corp (a wholly owned subsidiary of 3M) to be the master distributor of VentureClad™ for the Southeast Asia region targeting the PPOG (Power, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas) markets. CIMES (Constant Industrial Material & Equipment Supply), a sister company to Constant Consultants, was thus incorporated to facilitate the distribution of VentureClad™. The team that has been assembled for the business brings along with them years of experience in the sales and project management in the PPOG industry, and in the customer and operational excellence environment from global MNCs (Multi-National Corporations). Working closely with our manufacturer, we will strive to give our customers, the latest, best and most innovative technology which will allow them to stay in the forefront of their industry at a cost that gives them maximum economic value.