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Combine-cycle and Co-generation are used extensively by the power generating companies (Gencos) to achieve greater efficiencies and cost effectiveness. The monetization of many natural gas fields has made possible the construction and operation of power generation facilities in the developed countries.

The return on such long-term investment can be enhanced through optimisation of fuel utilisation and the maintenance of optimum boilers operating conditions. Minimising the amount of heat loss radiating from the outer casings is a sure way saving energy and money in power generation plants. Proper insulation is critical to lowering amount of fuel required to generate power.

A 500MW Steam Turbine Power System costs approximately US$10 million worth of insulation (material and labour). That makes up almost 7% of the initial capital expenditure. A poorly designed insulation system will result in inefficient boiler operation. For example, an 8cm diameter - 100m long pipeline, operating at 10bar pressure with poor insulation will result in the loss of 2,900MM BTU/year, or US$29,000 per year. 90% of this loss can be saved with better insulation.

Gencos need an insulation system that meets expectations. With the proper insulation system in place, Gencos can achieve optimal operating conditions.

VentureClad™ in Power/Utilities means:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Fewer complex assembly
  • Optimum installation costs
  • Reduced installation time