Margel™ Overview

Developed and manufactured by QED Chemicals since 1985 in the UK, MargelTM is a Migrating Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor made up of a blend of three advanced corrosion inhibitors with proven results across multiple industries.

Margel works as a migrating corrosion inhibitor by building a vapour density within an enclosed space. It vaporises and is adsorbed to the steel surfaces within close proximity, blocking the path of Chlorides, Water and Oxygen - the fuels of steel corrosion. The components in Margel provide sufficient vapour, where 60grams will provide effective protection to 1 metre3 of air space.


Figure 1 above illustrates the three chemical elements that provide a unique three-pronged approach to tackle the problem of corrosion. The Margel releases vapour that saturates a given airspace. This vapour forms a mono-molecular coating on exposed and embedded steel. The product travels easily through even dense materials such as concrete, to coat steel with an anti-corrosive coating.

The three-pronged approach:-

Margel Fast Action Component

Margelís fast action quickly vaporises and permeates the concrete substrate. Its alkalinity ensures early passivation of corrosion as it is adsorbed to the reinforcing steel surface, blocking the path of Chlorides, Water and Oxygen, the fuel of reinforcement corrosion.

Margel Medium term Component

Slower to vaporise Margel medium term supplements and replenishes the protection afforded from the initial fast action component. This forms a greater bond strength barrier to extend the period of protection.

Margel Long term Component

A complex ethanolamine derivative that provides long term protection. The very slow release of this component (over a period in excess of twelve months) gives the extended adsorbed protective care to steel reinforced concrete structures.