Market Overview

Managing Your Insulation Works

VentureClad™ provides significant advantages in Piping, Tanks & Vessels, Heat Tracing, Heat Exchangers, Manifolds, Pumps, Valves. VentureClad™ is redefining the energy efficiency around the globe. What's more, VentureClad™ achieves it with zero permeability, absolute vapor barrier, self adhesive material installed quickly and easily with no special tools, and no off-site fabrication, resulting in significant time, labor, and cost savings. VentureClad™ is a highly puncture, tear resistant and flame retardant material. It has a unique combination of mechanical strength, flexibility, elasticity, and resistance to chemicals. It provides protection to a wide variety of thermal insulation materials against mechanical impact and penetration of moisture. It is ideal for use over all types of traditional insulation material including fiberglass, mineral wool, calcium silicate, perlite, urethane and polystyrene. VentureClad™ exceeds standard exterior building design requirements (UL, Singapore Standard, BS 476 Part 6 & 7. Class O, IMO - International Marine Organisation, Lloyds Of London Approved).