Refinery and Petrochemical

Image of Refinery and Petrochemical

Petrochemical plants are usually located adjacent to an oil refinery as the integration of both manufacturing facilities ensures cost optimization of the finished products. The energy losses due to inadequate or damaged insulation of the steam generation system in an integrated refinery/petrochemical complex is a constant concern to the operation. Pressure drops due to excessive amount of condensation within the system result in firing harder the boilers therefore burning more fuel. The insulation used in petrochemical plants are fiberglass, calcium silicate, mineral wool, etc. The insulation material is weather-proofed using aluminum or stainless steel sheeting.

Surveys in refineries and petrochemical complexes suggest that losses in steam piping amounts to 3% of the total fuel consumption. Those losses are directly attributed to poor application or damages to the insulation. Moreover, the study confirmed that about 80% of the lost energy could be saved with an improved insulation system.

Much of the damaged insulation is neither noticed nor viewed as important. Usually only major and highly visible damages get fixed. This warrants the need for an improved and more durable weather-proofing system.

VentureClad revolutionized the way insulation is weatherproofed, it dramatically reduces the installation time and labour costs providing a more reliable alternative to the traditional metal cladding.