Rock Wool Board

General Information

Rock wool board products are made from basalt as main ingredient, made into inorganic fiber in high speed centrifugal machine after melting into the raw material which is made into rock wool board, rock wool pipe according to different customer requirement.

Size: 1200x600mm, or other size according to clients
Thickness: 50mm, 75mm
Density: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 11 0kg/m3
Thermal Coefficient (w/m° C): 0.026~0.035
Fiber Diameter: 4~7um
Service Temp: -268~700° C
Density Tolerance (%): ± 10

Technical Data

Technical Property Technical Index Remarks
Thermal Coefficient Equation (w/m° C) 0.026~0.035 Normal Temperature
In-combustibility A Complies to GB5464
Fiber Diameter 4-7 -
Service Temprature(° C) -268~600 -
Acidity Coefficient >=1.5 (Si02+Al2O3)CaO+MgO
Moisture Rate(%) <5 Complies to GB5480
Resin Content(%) 3.0 Complies to GB11835
Hydrophobicity(%) >98 Complies to GB10299