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Fire at sea is one of the worst disasters imaginable on any Marine vessel. Escape routes are limited and a fast spreading fire can limit them even faster. Using non-combustible, heat restricting materials is critical to in-boat construction which is why international regulators strictly mandate the types of material used in shipbuilding. A zero permeability system can prevent volatile liquids such as fuel and hydraulic fluids from wicking into engine room insulation. VentureClad™ is SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) approved and meets the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)'s fire safety standards. The material has zero permeability, and is highly resistant to tears and punctures.


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Pharmaceutical manufacturing operations require steam energy to process raw materials. Inadequate or damaged insulation of the steam generation system causes condensation that will contribute to energy loss. The effects of damaged insulation include CUI (corrosion under insulation) and high fuel consumption which reduces operating efficiencies. VentureClad™ can help pharmaceutical manufacturers achieve optimal operating efficiencies with its range of heavy-duty cladding material that provides all-weather protection and zero water vapour permeability. In addition, the material performs reliably under continuous use between the temperature range of -34°C and 149°C.