Glass Wool Board

General Information

Glass Wool Board is centrifuge glass fiber which has been solidified. The surface of NR Glass Wool Board can be coated with PVC film or Alum foil. Light weight, sound absorption, flame retarding properties makes it an excellent insulation material for high temperature applications and freezing environment.


  • Excellent thermal efficiency results in lower operating costs.
  • Low-Cost Installation
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and fabricate
  • Fast, easy installation lowers labor costs
  • Noise Reduction
  • Excellent acoustical properties effectively reduce noise


  • Compartment for high-ranking building
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Inner liner for iron air pipe and bellow to be responsible for insulation Thermal insulation or cold reserving for building
  • Good sound absorption material for machine room
  • Entertainment places to serve as noise absorbing material

  Density Length Width Thickness Thermal Conductivity Refractory Temp
  24-96 Kg/m3 1.2-2.4m 0.6-1.2m 20-100mm 0.036w/mk 450

  Water absorption short term(in 24 hours) 1 kg/m2
  Resistance to water vapour(Z) 1 kg/m2
  Resistance to water vapour(Z) 7.00 MN.s.g.m