Services Overview

Experienced Consultants

Our Consultant teams are senior executives, with a broad range of hands on experience on the specific issues we handle. We aim to deliver measurable and lasting client impact by partnering with clients as trusted catalysts for performance and profit improvement.

General Perspective. Deep Expertise

Our firm integrates a general management perspective with deep working expertise in different functional areas. We have a track record of developing compelling functional strategies that align with business strategy, then driving major transformation programs at a functional level (e.g., project management, transforming HR processes, designing innovative technical solutions).

Project Development

Image of Project Development

Our team will assess, recommend and promote approaches for applying project development methodologies and techniques to large scale and multiple projects. They will propose and design for you project execution strategies project planning,tracking and start-up of Capital Investment Ventures and Projects.

Human Capital

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With the right kind of organizational design, CIMES will help your organization to expand while cutting costs. Five elements are critical: accountable business units, an aptitude for innovation, pull-based functional relationships, differentiated capabilities, and the ability to leverage scale.

CIMES will ensure that all members of your leadership team are... of "one mind" in understanding where your business is headed by understanding the contexts within which your business objectives will be achieved.

Operation Integrity

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Our specialists will assist clients to plan and develop their Safety objectives including risk identification and mitigation. They will conduct HAZOP reviews, perform Risk & Reliability Analysis and will facilitate the development of departmental safety & loss prevention procedures.