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3M Fire Protection Products

Interam™ Endothermic Mat E-5A Series
Fire Barrier Water Tight Sealant 1000NS
Fire Barrier CP 25WB+Caulk
Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 15A
3M™ Aluminum Foil Tape 425

Industrial Insulation Group

Thermo-12® Gold & Gold/24 Calcium Silicate
Silver Feather Calcium Silicate

QED Chemicals

VPI 1020

Venture Tape Corp

VentureCladTM 1577CW-WMR
VentureClad™ 1577CW
VentureClad™ 1577CW-Tedlar
VentureClad™ Plus 1579CW
VentureClad™ Plus 1579NA
VentureClad™ 1578CW
High Temperature Foil Tape 3243

Leak Detection

Installation Guide
H2Obvious eBrochure
H2Obvious - CUI Mitigation
H2Obvious - Retrospective Installation

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